Friday, June 15, 2012

I Read Fashion Magazines for the Laughs

First watch this video to learn how to properly read a fashion magazine.

Now that you've learned how to read a fashion magazine, you can see the humor for yourself!  Here are just a few funny things I've spotted in various fashion magazines (mostly Elle and Lucky).  Now don't get me wrong, there are some cute things and helpful tips in these magazines too, but I mostly read them for the laughs.

-Wearing pastel makes you a rockstar.  I'm sorry, Lucky magazine, but no matter how many times you say this, it will never be true.  Wearing pastel makes you girly or a fairy princess, or if you're a male it makes you confident in your masculinity, but it does not make you a rockstar.

-Apparently if models wore shirts under their jackets or blazers in advertisements, it would be way too distracting from the product being sold.  Everybody would wonder, are they trying to sell me this shirt or that bottle of perfume hovering in the middle of the photo?

-Sometimes models get in trouble and they have to cut their hair super short, but not in a cute way, in a way that looks completely terrible.

-Lots of times models have to wear super ugly clothing, but it's okay because they get paid lots of money for it.  And then fashion magazines use those pictures to convince the unsuspecting public that those ugly outfits are really fashionable.  Well I'm not buying it, either literally or figuratively.

There's lots more but I have to go to the U District and finally buy "new" (aka thrifted but still in like new condition) shoes because mine literally ripped when I put them on yesterday.  Happy weekend, you lovely people, you.

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