Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm a pirate!

Recently I realized that when I am in a quiet enough space and using my crutches, I sound like a pirate with a pegleg. I am very pleased with this discovery. Except that now one of my crutches squeaks, and a squeaky peglegged pirate just isn't as cool as an ordinary peglegged pirate.

Since I'm a pirate, I picked a piratey word of the day. It's swashbuckling. I refuse to explain this word, if you don't know it shame on you! Get off my blog this instant! Wait, no, come back I was kidding. Don't leeeaaavvve meee!

If you are still here, then you get to read this next part. It's a movie reviewish type thing. I watched this movie last night called Ginger Snaps. It is a Canadian werewolf movie. I loved it! And there are two more movies in the series, which I am looking forward to, even though I've heard that they aren't as good. Actually, let me clarify, I loved all of it except the end. It left me with a lot of questions which will hopefully be answered in the second one. I really like movies where girls do really bad things like murdering people, but it makes you question something. Another movie like this is Hard Candy. It is about a girl confronting a child predator. I highly recommend it as well. Hard Candy is interesting because the guy ends up finding out that little girls on the internet can lie just as much as men, and be just as dangerous. Ginger Snaps is interesting because it relies a lot on choices, and shows how your choices can change everything for better or worse. It's hard to write about the movie without giving anything away, so that's all I'll say about it. Ginger Snaps gets 9 out of 10 stars. It would have been 10 if the ending didn't leave me with so many questions. I am really looking forward to watching Let Me In. It's definitely this type of movie as well. If you have seen Let the Right One In, it's basically that movie but with different actors, as far as I've heard. I want to watch Let Me In before Let the Right One In, because Let Me In stars Chloe Meretz, one of my favorite actresses. Another movie along these lines that I recommend is called The Bad Seed. It's an old movie in black and white, but it's really good. It makes you think about the nature or nurture debate.

Look at this picture I took!
And look, it's my face!

Goodbye now, I have to go fold my laundry.

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