Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ego Sum Eriditio Latin

That says "I am learning Latin." I am, but so far that is all I've learned. Also, there's some stuff I already knew like cogito ergo sum, e pluribus unum, carpe diem, and memento mori. I haven't learned the sentence structure yet, so the title of this post is probably horribly grammatically incorrect.

The word of the day is bamboozle. It means to deceive or get the better of someone by trickery, flattery, or the like. This word is just so cool. It sounds so much cooler than bamboo and yet it also sounds a lot cooler than puzzle. It is even cooler sounding than bedazzle.

My new roommate is still awesome. Andrew is her boyfriend. I couldn't tell at first and Facebook was no help but yesterday I found out. They are such a cute couple! Andrew is really good at doing accents and different voices. They even let me tag along when they went down for dinner, since I have been living off things that I can cook in my microwave. They are really cool people. I have decided not to change rooms. It isn't really necessary since I'll be getting a narrower wheelchair over Christmas break and that was the main issue.

Here's an adorable picture of a panda for your enjoyment. Pandas are just so cute and better than cats or dogs in my opinion. My best friend's nickname is Panda. She's awesome.

Doesn't it just make you say awwwwwwww?

And here's a video. Don't you just hate it when your shadow rebels? I know I do.
The video isn't letting me embed it properly, so if you want to laugh, click the link. Math Teacher Shadow Trick During Lecture

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