Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sometimes Three Day Weekends Aren't so Fun

It all started out okay.  Well okay-ish anyway.  We watched football, the Washington Huskies on Saturday and the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.  Neither game was very impressive.  Our teams are not playing like they could.  A few players were giving a full 100% but most of them were playing at more like 90% of their skill at the most.  I feel like the Huskies were so intimidated by the fact that we were playing the number three team and everyone thought we would lose that we did lose, quite horribly.  It wasn't even enjoyable to watch, we got beat so badly.  The Seahawks managed to score two touchdowns in the entire game, but the refs didn't count one of them.  It's not like we would have won anyway.  Then we watched Animation Domination on Fox on Sunday night and it was hilarious, as always, especially The Simpsons.  On Sunday we got Taco Bell and I forgot that the Cantina Bowl existed until after we got back, so I didn't get to try it yet.  Then on Monday I stayed home from work because I had a high fever and was puking.  I mostly slept a lot and G was super sweet and came home to check on me on his lunch break.  Luckily it was just a 24 hour thing so I went back to work on Tuesday.  Work is going pretty well.  When I stay at G's, I have to transfer busses twice during the day and for some reason the first bus was 10 minutes early twice, so G had to give me a ride to where I caught the other bus.  There's this girl who rides the second bus who always wears really cool clothes and she has a really cool haircut (It's a white pixie cut) and I always want to compliment her on her awesome fashion but she always has headphones in, so I never do.  So that's pretty much what's happened in my life lately.  I haven't even managed to put stuff how I want it in my room yet.  I did put up a few pieces of art and my jewelry. Priorities, you know.

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