Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This is Just not Happening

I just haven't felt like blogging this week so I haven't blogged.  I'm still not blogging.  Despite its appearance, this is not a blog post.  I haven't been sleeping well lately at all and I've been very tired.  G is super ridiculously awesome and he's going to get an extra plush mattress pad this weekend to see if it helps me sleep better.  Some night I can't fall asleep for about an hour, even though I'm dead tired.  Other nights (or the same nights) I wake up as many as 20 times during the night.  It's ridiculous.  The one night I did sleep fairly well, I had a horrible dream that I got raped.  I woke up and couldn't remember my dream but I started bawling my eyes out out of nowhere and figured it must be my hormones.  Then I felt super anxious about having to be around strangers and especially all the creepy dudes who stare at me when I'm on the bus or waiting for it.  G was very concerned for me and held me and told me he'd give me a ride to and from work that day.  Then while he was holding me and trying unsuccessfully to comfort me, the whole horrid dream came flooding back and I told him about it.  He told me I could stay at his place as long as I wanted this week and he would give me rides to work.  Anyway I tried taking melatonin because that helped me sleep when I was having sleeping problems at the young age of 12.  It's completely natural and has no side effects, but unfortunately this time it is doing nothing for me.  I would try twice the dose but my friend told me it makes her hallucinate with only a 2 mg dose and I'm already taking 5 mg, so a double dose is not a good idea.  Plus there's a warning to never take more than one at a time on the bottle.  I'm probably being stalked by Slender Man.  That would explain it.

This weekend I finally watched Jeepers Creepers 1 and 2, mostly because they were on TV.  I livetweeted both of them.  If you're super bored and want to read my (obviously hilarious) tweets about it, go follow me on Twitter.  Also, according to IMDB they're making a third Jeepers Creepers next year.  Hopefully the special effects are better.  The Creeper's makeup was really well done, but the special effects were laughable.  I literally laughed at the part where the Creeper flew in front of the moon.  Also how did nobody in either movie think to kill it with fire?!  Probably because they needed to keep the option for sequels open.  Anyway the two movies were both pretty good, in my opinion.  I liked the storyline.  It wasn't the same exact storyline as every other supernatural movie ever, so that was good.  The acting was mostly good.  And that is it.  If you want to read more of my opinions and comments on the movies, go check out my Twitter.  And that's it for my not-actually-a-blog-post.

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