Thursday, September 6, 2012

Etsy Interview: Krissy from Orange Box Jewelry

Remember that shop I was telling you about the other day? Valley of Roses Boutique.  Well I interviewed an Etsy seller who sells some of her jewelry in that shop and here is what she has to say, but first look at some of her super unique creations.

Pyrite and Agate Necklace
I'm really in love with jewelry with stones and/or crystals lately.

Victorian Flower Necklace with Tanzanite
She clearly makes way better necklaces from pins than I do.

And here's the interview:

1. Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I’m originally from Pittsburgh and spent some time in Dallas before making my way to Seattle. It means that *heart* football, shiny objects, pretty vintage things and coffee equally. In college, I created my own degree called “American Studies: Consumer Culture, A Case Study in Coffee” (for real) which lead to my passion for finding the best short Americano in Seattle.
2. Tell me a little bit about your shop.
My Etsy shop is filled with pieces that I make from vintage recycled/repurposed costumer jewelry and found objects. I love to use pieces that have a story behind them to craft something new to wear.
3. How long have you been making jewelry?
I started making jewelry more than 20 years ago. I started because I like to wear things that no one else has. In Pittsburgh in the early 1990’s the only way to accomplish that was to make it yourself.
4. Why did you start making jewelry?
See above.
5. What inspires your jewelry the most?
I buy a lot of my costume jewelry and objects that I reuse from their original owners. Here in Seattle, I have what I affectionately refer to as my ‘gang’ of older ladies who hunt for items for me and tell their friends about the crazy (but nice) girl who buys single broken earrings and old chains for cash. When I buy from someone, I always try to find out the history behind some specific piece. Those usually influence which pieces I use first and how I put them together.
6. What advice would you have for new Etsy sellers?
You will get out of Etsy what you put into it. If you post without thought to your tags or descriptions, no one will find you. If you post once and never again, no one will find you. As I’m typing, there are 15,401,152 products for sale right now on Etsy. Work to be found and you will be.
It's no secret that I am a huge fan of supporting small businesses, especially ones with lovely and unique products, so everyone shoud go check out Orange Box Jewelry on Etsy.
I will definitely have more of these interviews in the future. I love getting to know the person behind the product.  Leave me a comment if you would like me to interview you and I'll see what I can do.

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  1. This interview revealed the beauty in you. I like you more. It is inspiring too. I wish the best in your career. I don't not mind you checking out my blog. Takia dear.


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