Monday, May 14, 2012

Healthy Fish and Chips

I made this a couple of weeks ago, but I've had so many other things to post about that I'm just now sharing it.  G's mom gave us a beautiful halibut fillet.  I'd never cooked fish before.  I learned that fish cooks waaaaaaaaaaaay faster than chicken.  The bottom of my piece got a little bit burnt but it was still delicious.

Sidenote: I think that I may have to do a broccoli intervention for G. He wants it every single night : )

I cooked the broccoli the way I usually do now, with a little bit of salt and pepper in a sauce of equal parts extra virgin olive oil, worcestershire sauce, and honey.  I just cook the broccoli, turning it occasionally, until it gets nice and bright green.  If you cook it to mush, almost all of the healthy nutrients get cooked out.  I battered the fish with flour mixed with some sage, some oregano, and salt and pepper. Then I cooked it in the sauce left in the pan that I cooked the broccoli in. 

For the "chips" portion of the fish and chips, I washed some potatoes, then diced them up without peeling them.  I cooked them with a seasoning of some sage, some oregano, salt and pepper, and a little paprika.  I fried them in a little bit of extra virgin olive oil.

To make this healthier, substitute olive oil with coconut oil.


  1. wow- what a simple and cool way to cook broccoli- I love it too and would happily eat it every night. I'mma have to try making it your way and see how much I like it!

    1. It's sooo tasty this way. It's like sweet and sour broccoli. I love it. But I also love a little variety every now and then : )


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