Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fashion: First Impressions

Yesterday I went to the Ave and turned in a job application at Buffalo Exchange.  I tried to look as fashionable as possible to make a good first impression.  The manager, a girl a few years older than me, did a little mini-interview then said she'd review my application and call back within a week if she wants to do a full interview.  She was really nice and seemed to like me.  I found another place that was hiring, a vintage shop.  I inquired about the position.  The guy seemed eager to have me come by with my resume despite the fact that my only vintage experience is reading blogs by people who like vintage.  The girl was sort of dismissive, but I'm going to drop off my resume today anyway.  And I just made plans for crepes and thrifting with Jessica : ).

As I was walking back and forth on the Ave, trying to remember where Jimmy John's was (I finally found it and it was so busy and noisy but yummy food anyway), I walked past a homeless guy holding a cardboard sign.  I didn't read his sign, because I didn't have any extra money (I barely had money for lunch).  As I was walking up the sidewalk and almost to where he was standing, he looked at me and said, "Hi Beautiful, enjoy this lovely weather."  It completely caught me off guard.  Nobody ever calls me beautiful except for G.  But it put a huge smile on my face and I said, "Thanks, you too."  That random homeless guy definitely made my day.

After I got a sub from Jimmy John's, I went and read by the fountain for about an hour and got a tiny bit of sun on my vampire-pale skin, before getting on the bus and coming home.

How gorgeous is this?!

I'm not really into architecture, but look how great these old buildings look.

And now for pictures of my outfit.  This was my first time taking outfit photos outside where people might actually see me.

this angle sucks for photos

this is my taking-oufit-photos-outside-is-scary face

in the entryway

an in-the-mirror shot for old time's sake
All my clothes I wore yesterday were thrifted, except the tights, which are from eBay.  The bracelet is a souvenir from a beach trip years ago, and I made the ring, which you can't actually see, and it's for sale in my shop.

After that, I went over to G's and we watched the Lakers play like a bunch of high schoolers and lose terribly.  Sure Kobe had the flu, but everyone on the team played bad except for him.  It was still enjoyable though, and afterward we made awesome hamburgers infused with Hawaiian barbecue sauce, baked potatoes, and sweet and sour broccoli. (Did you guys know that I can actuaaly cook good now?)

And I also have a commision via Craigslist to make two vector Bigfoots in chef coats.  How awesome is that?!


  1. Cute outfit!! I'm a huge fan of fun tights with shorts.

    I hope you get the job at either shop. Working around fashion has got to be one of the best retail jobs, much better than doing food service. Good luck!

  2. Good luck with the job search!!


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