Friday, May 4, 2012

Graduation Speeches

Why are graduation speeches even a thing? I had to give one and I completely dreaded it. I was a member of the class of 2009. My class had just 50 kids in it. And yet I hate public speaking, especially in front of about 400 people.  So I just want to know, is it supposed to be a reward? You did so well in school that you get to force people to listen to whatever you feel like talking about for as long as you feel like talking about it.  Some people would probably love that but not me.  For me, it was more of a punishment, like you did so well in school that we're forcing you to say things to people who for the majority don't even care that you exist. Fantastic.  So for my speech I just read a poem I wrote earlier on in high school and ended it with congrats to the class of 2009. Short and sweet.  And then during the grad night party, one of the popular guys had the audacity to say he would have done a better speech and I wasted my opportunity.  I told him I would have gladly let him speak instead of me if that was allowed and I hate public speaking.  Not to mention that when you graduate you have to wear some of the ugliest clothes known to man.  And my hair was being ridiculous that day too.  So I was really just glad to get it over with.

Here's another fun story about graduating from high school.  The day of graduation, I went to put on my pretty "new" thrift store dress and it didn't fit.  Because my biceps were too big, of all things.  In the last part of my senior year, to avoid some hardcore senioritis, I took two PE classes a day out of my five daily classes.  One of them was tumbling, for a second time, because I had a goal to learn how to cartwheel (which I did) and because the first time I took it, I had an appendectomy and had to sit out for about three months while I healed.  Pretty much everything in tumbling involved upper body strength, from handstands to cartwheels and roundoffs.  So I got pretty big arm muscles over the course of that class and consequently my dress no longer fit.  And I was just finding out the day of.  When I was already sick to my stomach with nervousness.  Awesome.  I called my best friend, and between her younger sister and her, they had a really pretty dress that fit me perfectly and they let me borrow it.  So that got taken care of about an hour before graduation. Eep. Talk about a close call.



  1. I didn't really pay attention to my graduation speeches, it was so hot I wanted to die.

    Also, I've been having problems with my calves being too big after working out more :(

    1. Who knew that exercise could make muscles too big?! They never warned us of that back in gym class.

  2. This was such a lovely post! You are such an eloquent writer! I recently stumbled across your blog and I LOVE it! I love the layout to the content and everything in between! I am your newest, most avid follower, I look forward to reading your future posts. I would love it if you could perhaps follow me back too?

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  3. Miss Iffa, you are so sweet! I don't think anyone has called my writing eloquent before. Thank you. And thank you also for loving my blog. *basks in all the praise* Sorry but due to an unexpected and totally awful thing, which I'll post about today, I am way too busy for a while to follow any more blogs. I hope you understand.


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