Wednesday, June 29, 2011

200th Post Spectacular? Maybe not so spectacular

I was going to call this post "Don't Hit on Me" for pretty obvious reasons, but then I noticed that it's my 200th post, so I thought I should at least acknowledge that.  I've been blogging for almost a year now, and I never intend to stop.  It's good for me to be able to vent and express my emotions and actually deal with the things I'm feeling instead of just keeping everything bottled up inside.

I have been hit on 2 times today, which is weird.  Normally, if I get hit on, which doesn't happen very often, it's when I'm wearing a short skirt or short shorts.  But today I was wearing jeans, not even skinny jeans and a long sleeve shirt with a tanktop over it.  The first time I got hit on today was when I was on the bus with my new roommate.  Sidenote, I got officially approved to live there now and I'm moving in on the 1st.  This guy on the bus who looked old enough to be either one of our fathers and creepy enough to have a pedo-van and promise children free candy, moved to sit across the aisle from us after we got on.  My new roommate (S) and and I were talking to one another and then Old Creepy Dude (OCD, funny how that worked out) said "Excuse me, has anyone ever told you girls you're really pretty?"  We just said thank you and continued our conversation and ignored OCD.  How are you supposed to answer that anyway, just say yes?  Because people have said I'm pretty, and I'm sure people have told S she's pretty, because she's freaking gorgeous.  He got off the bus while mumbling something about wanting to get our numbers. Dream on, OCD.

After I got off the bus, I went to Jimmy John's to get a delicious sandwich.  Then I left and walked about 10 blocks up to where I'm staying right now.  I was about two blocks away and this random guy came up to me while I was waiting for the walk light and asked me how long my sandwich was.  I said I didn't know and attempted to ignore him.  Then he said he thinks it's 12 inches long and asked if he could have a bite, while trying to hold my hand.  A few things are wrong with that: First, I was holding a sandwich in my hand so hand-holding was impossible. Second, I'm a germaphobe and don't want strangers touching me. Third, he made it sound like some sort of euphemism, which would only have really made sense if he was a girl and I was a guy.  Thankfully, the walk light came on and I crossed the street and left him on the other side saying something, which I ignored.

I really am totally flattered when guys compliment me, if they aren't creepy and/or old.  The guy at the cash register at Radio Shack yesterday was really cute and he told me he liked my earrings.  I loved that. It made my day.  Now that I know that guy works there, I need an excuse to go to Radio Shack more often, but that would be spending money, which I can't be doing. Sadface.  I am really way too boy crazy.  Anyway, there are ways to talk to girls without hitting on them.  If you're a guy and you're reading this blog, listen up.  Well, I'm not really talking, so open up your eyeballs, increase your screen brightness if necessary, and prepare for the inside scoop.

The majority of girls do not like being hit on.  I don't know any who do, but seeing the way some girls dress, it seems like they must like it.  First rule, which I would think is pretty obvious, is don't try to flirt with girls if you're either creepy or old enough to be their father.  If you are creepy, what are you even doing reading my blog? Get out of here.  Second rule, be respectful.  Don't tell a girl she has a nice butt or boobs.  Just don't.  Third rule, when complimenting a girl, it's easier to not potentially come off as creepy if you compliment something that isn't a part of her.  By this I mean, compliment something that can be removed.  I'm not saying you should tell a girl, "Hey I like your shirt. Take it off."  That would break the second rule.  What I mean is that it's generally safer to tell a girl you like her shirt/dress/skirt/hat/shoes/earrings/necklace/bracelet/dinosaur costume, etc. than to tell a girl you like her eyes/lips/legs, etc.  A second thing that needs to be addressed for this rule is the sort of adjective you use when complimenting something.  If you like a girl or think she's pretty or whatever and want to sort of let on that you like her/think she's pretty and maybe you'd like to go on a date sometime, you do not want to make her wonder if you're gay.  Adjectives that should be avoided when complimenting a girl include cute, adorable, and darling.  Cute is borderline.  It's okay to say to a girl that she looks really cute in that dress, but saying that it's a really cute dress may make her question your sexuality.  Some girls might like being called adorable, but not me.  To me, kittens and puppies and babies can be adorable, but if you call me adorable, I feel like you're saying I'm young.  After spending my entire life having everyone think I'm younger than I am, I don't want people reminding me that I look like I'm in high school (although I must admit it comes in handy when you can ride the bus for 75 cents instead of $2.25).  So I guess that's not really the guideline for talking to all girls, more like the guideline for talking to me.  Anyway, I hope you feel enlightened. This has been the 200th post.  I'll see you in the future for the 201st post.  Until then, don't creep out women, and stay classy.

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  1. ... I actually love being hit on... But what do I know? I'm sort of a floozy.


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