Saturday, June 11, 2011

Why Can't Money Grow on Trees?

I really really really really really really really want a drum set.  Unfortunately, I can't justify buying it when I'll be struggling to pay rent even without buying it.  Maybe my friend will let me play his new drums if I ask really nicely.

Also, I got a new follower. Hi Joseph Mandanat. You can find him here.  I follow his blog, so it must be good, right? (false arrogance) But his blog is pretty great. You really should check it out.
One more thing, I managed to sell my Nintendo DS and all my games for $75. And also found a place to stay in July and August.  It's a really nice house and the rent is super cheap, so it's awesome.  Thank you Craigslist.


  1. I hate being broke :/ I hope you find a way to play the drums. Bring your friend some cookies :)

  2. Hey there! My blog is Why We Can't Have Nice Things.

    Good luck with your drum search!

  3. I'll link it up. Thanks for following.


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