Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Comic Books 2

My first expedition into comic books wasn't overly successful but I wasn't about to give up because of it.  I stopped by Arcane Comics a few weeks ago because I'd been meaning to check it out for awhile and I was also having a pretty bad day and thought it might cheer me up  (Spoiler alert: it did).

I only bought two comics but I loved them both!  They were each the first issue of a new series too.  The first is called Haunted and it's by Red 5 Comics.  I bought it because the storyline (post-apocalyptic setting, science craziness, and a strong female protagonist) sounded awesome and also because I loved the art style and colors.  It was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be.  It has a female protagonist, a priest, and a scientist all banded together fighting off these crazy enemies and trying to survive.  There's a very entertaining science vs. religion argument as well as an action-packed story.  I highly recommend it!  Red 5 Comics is an independent comic book publisher and I want to read some of their other series too, especially Bad Dreams.

The second is called The Dream Merchant and it's by Image Comics (They publish Saga and The Walking Dead).  I bought this one more for the story than the art (to be honest, it's not my favorite art).  In case you guys didn't know, I am fascinated by anything involving dreams.  So this purchase was a no-brainer.  I had no idea how much I would love it.  There's a part where the main guy is in a mental hospital!  (just a recap, things I'm fascinated by include dreams, insane asylums, and serial killers)  This comic had two out of three in the first issue and I'm holding out hope for a serial killer.  (That's a weird phrase.)

I'm glad I gave comic books a second chance and I think you guys should definitely check out both of these series and publishers.  I will definitely be continuing reading both of these series.

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