Thursday, September 19, 2013

I Read Some Comic Books

So remember how I said I'd never read comic books, aside from Sonic the Hedgehog?  Well I can't say that anymore.  I bought all of these at my friendly (seriously super friendly) neighborhood comic book shop about a month ago.  Sidenote: I discovered this place after I was super stressed and starting to withdraw from socializing with humans IRL.  It pretty much saved me from becoming a hermit, but now I haven't been back for awhile and am kind of pretty much a hermit, because work is super stressful and that's my coping mechanism.  Anyway I asked for suggestions for comic books on Google+ and bought some of those and some of my own picks.  I bought all of these with my own money and my opinions are my own.

I bought: American Vampire, Astonishing X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, Star Wars Knight Errant: Escape, Hoax Hunters, and The Secret Service.

First things first, I want to know why they bold words seemingly at random in comics.  It drives me crazy!  Second thing, despite the randomly bolded words driving me crazy, I would be interested in reading more of Hoax Hunters.  There's some serious foreshadowing in this one and I must say that I'm intrigued.  Everything else, not so much.  I love the X-Men movies to death but the comic books weren't my cup of tea.  Maybe it's because I didn't get the first issues, since they weren't at the shop, but I think it's more like it just seemed repetitive to me.  They did make me laugh out loud, but I expected more from Joss Whedon.  I think I disliked The Secret Service the most.  I really don't even know why I chose that one.  It's about action and politics, which is a combination I only rarely enjoy.  American Vampire was kind of interesting, but not enough that I want to read more.  However I did buy issue number 34 so maybe if I had been following the story from the beginning, I would enjoy it more.  But the art in it was my favorite of the whole batch.  And I wanted to love Star Wars Knight Errant, but I just didn't, and I'm not even sure why.  Maybe it was all of the weird names that I couldn't get straight.  I don't know.

I am not saying that I'm completely opposed to comic books.  I just think I made some poor selections and one really great one.  And honestly it takes a lot to live up to Sonic the Hedgehog comics.  I'll definitely be trying out more comics and also reading more of the Hoax Hunters series.  I love that comic books are so inexpensive to try, compared to most things.

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  1. The random bolding business was hella aggrivating for me at first, too. I've long since gotten used to it/figured out how to read it in ways that the bolding serves a purpose, but it's still a bit annoying at times. I've never bothered to figure out why they do it though.

    Welcome to the world of the comic book nerds!


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