Friday, September 27, 2013

Adventurer's Checklist

Adventures can be great fun and are a wonderful way to pass one's time, but you don't want to embark an adventure if you're not prepared.  Here's my checklist of what you need to have for an adventure:

a cool hat - your hat should declare that you are a serious adventurer; popular hat types include a fedora (with or without a big feather in the band), a wide brimmed hat, or a bowler hat, but are certainly not limited to those

good walking shoes - adventures are never as fun when your feet hurt because you wore the wrong shoes

comfortable clothing - your outfit should not get in the way of your adventure; for example, you might not want to wear a fancy dress if you're going on an adventure in a blackberry bush (although a blackberry bush is a strange place to go on an adventure in the first place)

a camera - you might see a lot of amazing things on your adventure and a camera will help you capture all of those sights and look at them again later

a big bag - like a backpack or messenger bag; this should be large enough to carry anything you might bring back from your adventure, as well as anything you're bringing along on your adventure

a first aid kit - hopefully you won't need this, but if you do you'll be glad you packed it; you could get stung by a bee or scratched by a stick or fall and skin your knee while adventuring

snacks - sometimes adventures take a while and you might get hungry

water - being dehydrated is never a good idea, but it is a doubly bad idea while adventuring

your imagination and curiosity - without these, an adventure is impossible; you should maintain a childlike sense of wonder at all times and thoroughly enjoy every sight, sound, and smell

What else would you bring on an adventure?  Have you been on any fun adventures lately?

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