Monday, June 23, 2014

What I've Been Up to Lately

I went to visit my parents and see my brother for three weeks while he was on leave.  It was pretty good.  I took a bajillion photos which I'll share later.  I went to a ton of thrift stores and yard sales and got some pretty cool unique jewelry-making stuff.  Then the day I got back I had my first jewelry show ever!  It went better than I expected, despite the fact that the lights were too dim, it was too hot, and there was pounding bass for four hours straight that gave me a headache.  The best part is that although there were over 400 people there over the course of the night, I didn't have any severe social anxiety problems, so now I know I should be able to do small-ish shows without a problem.  It was also really cool to see who my customers actually are.  I found out that they're mostly little old ladies, bohemian girls around my age, and sorority type girls around my age.  I brought a lot of cool stuff back from my childhood home, including this once-garish dreamcatcher which was bedecked with a rainbow of colorful feathers.  I redid it with some natural feathers, a shell, a piece of faceted carnelian, some fake amber, and copper wire, and now I love it.

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