Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday Fashion: What to Wear to Target

We went to Target and Ross earlier this week because we needed some things and actually have money to spend on things now that we share a room.  The bus took forever to get to the stop so we entertained ourselves by taking selfies and outfit photos while we waited.

This is what happens when I suggest that we take a picture with only half of our faces in the photo.

so fashion-y

Balancing weirdly is one of my go-to poses.

bag and top: thrifted | boots and flannel: Valley of Roses Boutique |
jeans and hair bow: Forever 21 | necklace: Honeybee Alley

Jordan and I bought a total of 5 vintage flannel shirts from Valley of Roses Boutique for under $100 total.  This is one of those shirts.  The one Jordan is wearing in the first picture is another one.  We share them because they fit both of us, which is really cool.  My old jeans have been wearing out lately and two pairs have zippers that will not stay up so I bought some new jeans.  Forever 21 is the only company I can buy jeans from online and know that they'll fit so I went there first.  I found these ones and two other pairs for under $8 each!  And I bought this cute hair bow too because it was just 99 cents and I couldn't resist.

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