Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Fashion: Ice Cream Date Outfit

"I want it to look like I'm afraid the airplane is going to crash into me."

 bag, shoes, belt, and plaid shirt: thrifted | jeans: Forever 21 |
shirt: Qwertee | necklace: Zombie Valley | hat: Wish

Last week I had a doctor appointment and afterward Jordan and I went on a date to a thrift store and then got ice cream at Molly Moon's.  I am so in love with their vegan coconut chunk ice cream!  We got a KitchenAid blender at the thrift store for just $7.50!  Hello smoothies :)  And I got a cardigan and another hoodie because the clothing was all 50% off.  It was a nice way to spend such a sunny day.

This post contains an affiliate link to an item that I love.

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