Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Being Sick is Hard to do

photo via MorgueFile because I didn't think to take a picture of my tea
I abruptly came down with a harsh cold/flu/whatever two weeks ago on Thursday.  It took me 9 days to shake off the delirium that accompanied my low fever and be able to go back to work.  During that time I slept about 12-16 hours each night, watched Netflix, took that gross gluten-free cough syrup, drank tea, napped, had crazy fever dreams, made outfits on Polyvore because the fever was accompanied by creative inspiration, and ate soup.  I went back to work on Sunday and then I worked today and after coming home from work I got a really bad sore throat but only on the right side.  I have a swollen tonsil on that side, so now I'm adding gargling warm salt water to my routine.  With all that being said I seriously need to add that I haven't had a cold/flu/whatever (as far as I can remember anyway) for this whole year!  And for me that is super good, because before I knew I had celiac disease I would catch every little thing that was going around and not fully shake it for at least three months.  So this is exhausting and no fun, but I've been worse in the past and I survived.

I hope you are all in good health and only drinking tea for enjoyment these days.

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  1. Aw, you poor thing!! I hope you feel better soon!


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