Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Two for Tuesday: Paper and Ink and Geoevolution

Two for Tuesday is a post series where I share two great Etsy shops and two of my favorite items from each one.  Click the image to go to the product on Etsy.

My first choice this month was a blog friend's shop, but I did not choose it because of that.  I chose it because I love zines, and while I have not purchased these zines yet, they are definitely on my list for once I have spending money.  The shop is called Paper and Ink and it sells zines written on paper and printed with ink.  The artwork and lettering is absolutely gorgeous and I imagine that the writing is equally great.

that hand-lettering! *swoon*

I really adore the fact that the title is made of planks

Lately I have been finding boxes of rocks everywhere I look: antique stores, estate sales, thrift stores, etc., and I can never resist picking out and purchasing a few of my favorites.  The next shop I picked is the online shop version of a really great box of rocks.  To me it's like a treasure hunt but every piece is a treasure in itself.  This shop is Geoevolution and they sell real fossils, gorgeous minerals and preserved life.  Their items are great for collectors (these would look great in a cabinet of curiosities (and if you actually have a cabinet of curiosities you should know that I'm super jealous of you!)).  They are also great for classrooms and, in my opinion, for unique jewelry supplies and great product photo props.

If any of you feel like getting me a present, this is at the top of my wishlist!
This would be a gorgeous unique photo prop.

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  1. Paper and Ink is indeed awesome and all you other readers should get it!


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