Monday, July 7, 2014

Netflix Movies You Should Skip

2 thumbs down!
I watched these movies so you don't have to.  Remember that this is my opinion, but I highly recommend that you don't waste your time watching any of these movies.  Most of them sounded like they might be good after reading the description, and some of them had a great concept but poor execution.

I truly hated these ones:

100 Below Zero: I should have known better.  The whole world-changing natural disaster thing seldom works for a movie, but I thought that maybe it would be so bad that it was good.  It was not.  It was just bad, so very bad.

Alien Uprising: This movie was so boring!  There was barely even a plot.  Then they threw in lots of confusing and unnecessary chronological discontinuities that did absolutely nothing for the barely-existent plot.

Random Acts of Violence: If there's one thing you should know about me by now, it's that I love serial killer movies.  This one was awful.  First of all, it's shot like it's a documentary.  It's about this guy trying to cause more crime in the city to bring back the bohemian and artist types.  He goes around murdering random people and then gets mad when it doesn't help.  The ending, though predictable, doesn't do much to redeem the movie but at least it's a somewhat satisfying ending.  I hated the main character and all of his annoying friends.

I didn't like these ones but I didn't hate them with a passion either:

Pathology: This movie definitely had an interesting concept but I didn't like any of the characters, especially the main guy, who is a cheating liar.

Contracted: This movie had the potential to be so good!  It used becoming a zombie as a metaphor for dealing with being raped.  However the metaphor was a bit too subtle and also a bit confusing.  (For example sometimes people can see signs of something being very wrong, such as her hair falling out, eyes looking weird, but other times they just think she's acting strangely.)  So part of the time I thought that she was actually visibly becoming a zombie but other times it seemed like it was just a metaphor for how she felt.  It was very hard to understand and I think it could have definitely be done better.

Nemesis Game: This one also had potential but it ended up feeling unfinished.  I like riddles and the possibly occult/supernatural thing was intriguing but ultimately it just wasn't pulled together in a satisfying way.

Faces in the Crowd: The face blindness thing was really interesting but the visuals for it kind of made my head hurt and confused me, which is probably how the lady who had face blindness felt.  I didn't like this movie because the main character made so many stupid and risky decisions.  I understand that the movie would have been a lot less interesting and shorter without them but I just kept thinking that nobody would ever do a lot of the things that she did.

I have been watching a lot of Netflix lately, since it's been hot, I've been sick a lot, and also haven't felt like leaving the house most days in the past two weeks.  There were also some movies that I enjoyed and I will be sharing them in the next installment of Watching, Playing, Reading.

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