Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Business Card Inspiration

This week is small business week, so I'm sharing some great business card designs from some fantastic small businesses.

1. Imps and Monsters: some of the coolest monster paintings ever, and he just wrote a comic book!

2. Emma SanCartier Illustrations: fantastical art prints and cards, Odd Fauna: beastly art and toys

3. Kendra Binney: surreal art panels, prints, and jewelry

4. Careful it Bites: fluffy and adorable plushies, some of mythical creatures

5. Snash Jewelry: amazing metal jewelry

6. Sown Designs: fine leather wallets and clutches

7. Jillian Nickell: quirky and detailed posters and art prints

8. Field Day Wearables: comfy and cool conscious clothing

9. The Society of National Industry: cool pyramid light garlands, art, zines, and more

10. Lolide: some of my favorite sculptural metal jewelry

11. Wanderlust and Wildhearts: bohemian clothing, jewelry, and accessories

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