Friday, February 8, 2013

Freebie Friday: Coppergoose is Legit!

I discovered when they advertised on my site last year with Project Wonderful.  I check out all of my sponsors and this one was no exception.  I found out that it was a site that claims to give away a prize to a lucky winner every single day.  It sounded too good to be true, but I tried it anyway.  They didn't ask for my social security number, credit card info, or bank account info.  How it works is every day they give away a different prize.  You can either enter to win the prize or pass.  If you pass, they give you one Karma Point for allowing someone else to win.  Karma Points work as extra entries when you really want to win something.  I had been needing to get a laptop fan for awhile.  It was to the point where my laptop would overheat and the screen would freeze and I would have to hold in the refrigerator until it unfroze.  One day Coppergoose was giving away a laptop fan, so I used all of my Karma Points (over 200) to enter the drawing.  I won it and it arrived at my house within a week.

Click picture to view listing on Amazon

I won the laptop fan above.  It's really cool (pun intended).  It runs off of USB power which is especially cool for me, since I only have one outlet in my room.  This fan costs $26.98 on Amazon and I got it for free!  In short, if you like free stuff, you should definitely check out


  1. Awesome, thanks for passing this along! :D

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