Monday, March 7, 2011

My University is Crazy

So today, for who knows what reason, some people at my university decorated the university mail boxes. I only saw three, but there was an octopus and a sandcastle on one and gift wrap on another and someone crocheted an afghan for the third! The only reasonable explanation is that everyone went insane. And afghans take a long time to make too. This afghan was mailbox shaped. Someone really cared about that mailbox keeping warm in this chilly weather.

So now I have to go read a Finnish children's book and write a paper on it. This book has pictures! I also have to finish my Finnish (that pun just never gets old!) reflective essay for the final draft and finish my physics paper and study for my drugs and society final, which is thankfully open-book open-note and he already gave us one of the essay prompts that will be on the test, so no test anxiety for me.

Also, I have something in common with Howie Mandel. He has OCD and germophobia too! Except his germophobia is worse than mine. He can't even shake someone's hand. I can; sometimes I use hand sanitizer afterward, but I can. And I am even capable of holding hands if it's with someone I really like, no hand sanitizer needed. The difference between myself and Howie Mendel is that he's on medication for it. And he's a man. Also, he's bald. Oh, and he's famous too. But other than that, we're basically the same person.

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