Friday, March 4, 2011

And in Other News

Apple has already begun work on the next iPad. I guess that it must have been a huge success. So all those people who bought the first iPad will probably be wanting to upgrade. And all those smart people who knew there would be a second model and managed to wait for it can get it.  It's available starting March 11th, for only $500! But then of course you'll want to get all those fancy accessories and things. They even have leather smartcovers! Then everyone will be happy until the inevitable third model comes out.  It reminds me of this commercial.

You got the wrong TV sillyhead!

But in all seriousness, the iPad 2 (That's a stroke of naming genius right there! Or maybe the guy who was supposed to name it had a stroke : / ) has two cameras (because one camera isn't enough? The second camera is for showing someone where you are or who you are with while video chatting, because apparently it's way too hard to just turn the iPad around.), HD video recording (well it's not 3D, but still), a design that's 33% thinner and up to 15% lighter (because if it was paper thin, it might get wrinkled), the same battery life as the first iPad, and of course tons of new apps.  It also comes in black or white, so you can get whichever color your little racist heart desires, just like the new Pokemon.

So, why are you still sitting there reading my blog?! Go out and buy one already! Steve Jobs demands it!

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