Sunday, March 13, 2011

I have 12 followers!!!!!

I was a little bit distracted by the disaster in Japan and stuff for the past few days, so I failed to notice that I have 3 new followers. My total is now up to 12, which is more than 10, which was my goal.  Welcome new followers and thanks for following me.  They are Nabo, Marsy, and Hailey Kruse.
I am hopefully having lunch with my roommate from last year today, fingers crossed.  She has already rescheduled four different days, so I'm feeling less than optimistic about this actually happening.  In other news today is laundry day, which would normally be really boring, but today I am going to attempt to do my laundry all by myself! I have progressed from baby steps to a zombie walk.  Incidentally, I dreamt about zombies last night.  My mom ran a few of them over with her van.  Then the fuel gauge started being all weird and switching between 1/4 full and completely empty, and then the fuel needle fell off.  My dream just switched after that and proceeded zombie-free.

Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour if they don't do it automatically, for daylight savings time.


  1. thanx for following back! n even i am totally in love with Tim Burton movies, love that loud surrealism!
    i dont think i need to say again but i like ur humour!
    dont mind but i am having a real tough time trying to understand ur profile pic. wat is it?

  2. It's a picture I took of my head from the nose up and then made it weirdly blue and turned it sideways.

  3. That's a creepy dream. I hope you had a fun lunch and congrats on the new followers!

  4. Yeah, lunch didn't happen.

  5. Congrats on the new followers. And yes, that's Hailey's blog. :)


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