Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Guy Bought me Lunch Today

Yep, it's a two post kind of day.

So, what did you think of my title? Pretty intriguing, huh? Well, I tricked you. Although the title is totally true, it wasn't a guy my age.  It was this old guy in my physics class. He's like 60 or 70 and he goes to get lunch at the hospital cafeteria every day after class, so on Tuesdays, I eat lunch with him so neither one of us has to eat alone. He carries my tray for me since I'm incapable of that.  He helped me with my physics paper today by explaining the drag coeffecient and how to calculate terminal velocity and he showed me this really cool 3D vector modeling program that is free! So I know how I'll be procrastinating for a while. His wife died of cancer a few years ago and he never had any kids and he's retired so he's all alone. He didn't have much to do to keep him occupied so he decided to go back to school and learn physics. He used to be a doctor and he is baffled by my weird condition that causes me to be unable to walk. I thought it was kind of weird the first few times he talked to me, but he's just a lonely old guy and so now I think of him as sort of a grandpa figure.

Rest assured, C is still the number one guy in my life. I still haven't told him that I like him though. I asked two different people if I should, one guy and one girl, and the girl said that I shouldn't tell him unless I'm 100% sure that he likes me back and the guy said that I'll never know for sure and I just have to take the risk. Any advice?

Okay, this is completely unrelated, but for all of you guitar players out there, there are these brand new guitars on Ebay for just $70! I really don't need another guitar since I already have two, but if you're in the market or want to learn to play, here's the link. The seller has 99.2% positive feedback, so I really wonder how good these are. Must. not. buy. I miss my guitar. I am bringing him back when I come back from spring break. Maybe I can get C to teach me a song or two.  My guitar's name is Jack (named after Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas) and I just got him before I started this year of school. He is a beautiful blue color and I miss him soooo much.  But I did buy a new camera. It has 10 megapixels and is brand new. My current camera has 8.2 megapixels, takes noisy pictures, and doesn't have the aperture open all the way sometimes.  I am taking a design class next quarter and noisy pictures will definitely not get me a passing grade.  Okay, bye for reals now.

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