Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Two for Tuesday: Weirdly Cute and Iluxo

Two for Tuesday is a post series where I'll be sharing two great Etsy shops and two of my favorite items from each one.  Click the image to go to the product on Etsy.

I may have featured the first shop on my blog before, but I don't care.  I love this jewelry.  The first shop is Weirdly Cute, which has tons of jewelry, all cute and unique, and sometimes weird (which is coincidentally how I like my men).  These are my two favorite pieces from her shop.

This necklace is so cute and incredibly unique.  And it will last a lot longer than an actual goldfish would.

I'm always drawn to weather-themed jewelry and yet I don't own any.  I can't wear studs but these are still amazing.

The second shop this week is Iluxo, which contains some amazing jewelry, as well as home decor and accessories.  It would have been hard to choose two favorites if I hadn't excluded the jewelry from my choices, in the interest of promoting a variety of products.  But you should seriously check out the jewelry; it's amazing and the wooden pieces are so intricate and lovely!  Here are my two favorite items from Iluxo, and they're both clocks.

This clock is both gorgeously detailed and simple at the same time. (Pun not intended.)

I tend to really gravitate toward things with cute woodland creatures and this stunning modern cuckoo clock is no exception.

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