Friday, November 2, 2012

We All Scream for Egg Nog

I meant to post a fashion post today, but I accidentally left my camera at home with all of the pictures on it and I'm staying at G's until I can eat all solid foods again.  (I will post the fashion post next Friday.)  I can eat pasta now which is fantastic, because I love pasta.  Anyway, I had to eat a lot of soft foods while I was recovering, including a lot of ice cream. 

Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk and Dublin Mudslide are both delicious.  Oatmeal Cookie Chunk is pretty self-explanatory.  Dublin Mudslide is a mix of chocolatey coffee-y goodness. It has Irish cream liquer flavored ice cream, chocolate chocolate chip cookie pieces, and fudge swirls.  It is also my new favorite.

The one that I am super duper excited to tell people about is Safeway brand Egg Nog ice cream.  It's a limited edition flavor and it tastes just like egg nog.  It's a softer ice cream which adds to the egg nogginess of it.  And it's under $4 for a gallon, so that's really awesome.

So if you're crazy like me and like to eat ice cream when the weather is cold, you just had mouth surgery and have to eat soft food, or you're a lucky duck who lives someplace warm, give these flavors a try next time you want some ice cream.

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