Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Reveal and An Important Announcement

Sorry, no alliteration this Friday.  I know, I miss it too.  You'll survive.

Two things today, in case you couldn't tell by reading the title.  No wait, three things.

Thing One: The big reveal!  This is what was in the Indie Gift Box this month.  I'm revealing this just in time for you to buy an Indie Gift Box next month.  They come out at the beginning of each month and there is only a limited number available.  They are a great way to discover lots of new (to you) indie businesses and also get great products for a seriously discounted price.  The Indie Gift Box cost me $20 and it contained all of this.

These two were my favorites and the only ones I kept: a cute little itty
bitty deer necklace and a cranberry candle that smells exactly like Christmas!
I sent the giveaway winner the Matryoshka ornament, Christmas card, and snowman gift tag, as well as the business cards with discount coupons.

Announcement time!  I am doing away with ad swaps.  All of the current ad swaps will still exist, but they are moved to a tab at the top called "Cool People".  Each month I will pick a new Blog of the Month and a new Shop of the Month.  They will go where the Ad Swaps currently are, underneath the search bar.  I will write a post each month telling you who the Blog of the Month and Shop of the Month are, along with a little bit about each.  If you would still like to be in my sidebar, you can purchase ad space here starting at just $3.

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