Wednesday, October 17, 2012


shop/jewelry stuff:

I am going to be interviewed by a really cool blog in the near future.

Two stores might want to sell my jewelry.  One sells girly stuff and one sells more natural stuff (stones and found objects)  So I am making lots more jewelry of both types now.

My camera is still off for repairs, so I can't list new stuff for the shop yet, but there is some new stuff.

My friend had this great idea to host a jewelry party (sort of like a Tupperware party but me selling my jewelry) next month with a bunch of her friends and roommates.

Blog stuff:

I have so much stuff I want to share but I get so tired after work that most nights I don't blog.

One topic you can look forward to in the future: my (mostly terrible) haircuts through the years

Personal stuff:

I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out next Tuesday and my wonderful boyfriend insisted on taking care of me afterward.


  1. Congrats on the Jewelry! How have I not been to your Etsy store? Shame on me :(
    At least a kitten was born :)

  2. I hope you recovered well after going to the dentist! I'm waiting for new jewelry pics, please!

    1. Thanks, I haven't gone yet. I'm going tomorrow. And I'll probably take some jewelry pics tonight to share on here whenever I feel up to it.


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