Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Achieving my Goals

I achieved one of my goals for my Honeybee Alley shop today, which was to get some of my jewelry in a real shop.  Four of my necklaces are now available for purchase at a lovely little shop called Wish.  I'll be writing about the shop and sharing pictures soon, because I seriously love that place.  The owner is the sweetest lady.  I also got all of my wisdom teeth removed today and my face is still numb, so I'm dribbling ice cream down my chin.

And in case you were wondering, these are the four necklaces:



  1. For some reason the blunt an nonchalant way in which you described your ice cream drool made me laugh really really hard. XD

    Feel better soon, and great job on the jewellery milestone!

  2. Let me say, you make some of the coolest jewelry I've ever seen. And I'm a guy who does not wear jewelry. (I just appreciate cool art!) Really awesome stuff! Congrats on everything!

    1. Thanks so much Noor! That is seriously the biggest compliment you could ever give me, and I appreciate it a lot.


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