Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Places to Go in Seattle

All of the places on this list are places that I have either been to and want to see again, or want to go to.  These places would be fun as cheap dates or for hanging out with friends.

Olympic Sculpture Park
I've visited once and am so excited to go again.  You can see my post about it here.

Seattle Art Museum
The Ancient Mediterranean collection sounds the most interesting to me.

Woodland Park Zoo

The Belfry
This place is like a cabinet of curiosities in store form.  I need to go there but I need to wait until I have money I can spend.

Seattle Pinball Museum

EMP Museum
I've been here before too and it was amazing!  Jordan loves music so I am excited to go with him.  Also they have a Star Wars exhibit right now, so I hope we can go soon.  Here is the post I wrote about my first EMP visit.

Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe
This place is currently closed for construction but I will definitely be going once it re-opens.  My parents would always take me there when they would come up to visit.  There are always really interesting things to see.  It's half-store and half-natural history/oddities museum.

The Fremont Troll
It's a big troll under a bridge.  I've gone past a few times but never stopped.

I feel like there are probably a lot more places I want to go but am currently forgetting.  Have you been to Seattle?  Where else do you want me to visit and blog about?


  1. You're brave to talk about this, and to encourage others to say something. At my first job, I was sexually harassed by a customer. I told my boss and he said, "Get used to it, it's going to happen." It was an isolated incident and I found a new job a couple of months later. It wasn't my boss harassing me, but he wasn't protecting me either. Is it a crime to be woman and want to feel safe at work?

  2. I feel like it's something most women have experienced or will experience at some point, but the majority just accept it as a fact of life and don't discuss it. I just hope I can help one girl get herself out of this kind of situation because it's not right and we don't just have to deal with it because we're women. And your old boss sounds horrible. I'm glad you found a new job.

  3. I love living so close to Seattle! Have you been to Gasworks Park? Or Kerry park? The view from there is awesome! I also loved Wayward Coffeehouse though it's sort of not in Seattle, lol. Lots of new places for me to visit on this list.


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