Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Fashion: Star Wars Marathon

I don't know what to wear to run a Star Wars marathon (if that's a thing), but I do know what to wear to watch a Star Wars marathon.  My hair is finally long enough to sort of do Princess Leia buns, so I attempted them.  I also wore my Star Wars tee shirt from and my Star Wars hair bow from my favorite hair bow making person.  No Star Wars marathon outfit is complete without a Photoshopped lightsaber.

my awesome bow (and I'm not aligned with the Empire but there weren't any with the Rebel logo)

these are what sort-of Princess Leia buns look like


  1. Love the bow - too cute! There is not a Star War marathon - but there is a half marathon!
    xx Mal @ badwolfbrunch

  2. This is perfect! My boyfriend and I are trying to pick a weekend to tackle all 6 movies. I was planning on wearing a large blanket and calling myself a Jedi

  3. I wasn't feeling too excited about the first 3 but it turns out they aren't as bad as I remembered. I think they're better when you're an adult because you get all of the social/political stuff that's going on more. And large blankets are a must. I feel like a Star Wars marathon would be a perfect snow day activity.


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