Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Book Recommendations from my Younger Self

When I was in elementary school I read like crazy and these were some of my favorite books back then.

1. Anything by Bruce Coville.  He was my first favorite author.  I especially loved The Magic Shop series, the Alien Adventures series, and Into the Land of the Unicorns.  Bruce Coville writes crazy fantasy adventures involving aliens, magic, and/or mythical creatures.

2. all of the dragon books by Laurence Yep  He wrote some great fantasy books about dragons.  I loved me some books about dragons.

3. the Enchanted Forest Chronicles series  a series of books about dragons and strong independent princesses

4. The Grey King I had no idea this was the fourth book in a series but it was a great book nevertheless.  It was about a crazy battle between good and evil.

5. The Castle in the Attic another fantasy adventure with a dragon and magic

What books did you enjoy as a youngster?  Tell me in the comments or make a post on your own blog.

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  1. I love these! There seems to be a recurring theme of dragons :) Mine are Judy Moody, Harry Potter, Little Wolf's Book of Badness and then a book called Big School, Little School which was about the fairytales at primary school (and they were generally bullied by their villains)



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