Thursday, August 7, 2014

Checking In

I've been in a weird mood lately.  I've been feeling very stressed and depressed.  I don't want to go sleep at night because I know that once I go to sleep I won't want to wake up.  I've been having a lot of compulsions lately, the C part of OCD.  And they make me feel like I'm crazy.  I don't even want to talk about them here because I don't think most people would understand.  I don't even understand and I'm the one it's happening to.  And I don't know who to talk to about it or how to get help when I can hardly even bring myself to leave the house most days due to my social anxiety.  I have stuff to blog about but I haven't felt like blogging.  I haven't felt like doing much of anything besides eating and watching Netflix.  I just don't know anymore.  I'm just letting you guys know I'm alive but I won't be blogging again until I feel like it.  It might be tomorrow; it might be next week.  I don't know.


  1. Please e-mail me!

    I have very severe OCD, bipolar disorder, anxiety and separation anxiety with some PTSD. Jen, my wife, has bipolar disorder, severe social anxiety, anxiety, some separation anxiety and PTSD. I promise, I will understand and I can try to give advice, or just an ear!

  2. You could email me too if you'd like
    I've never commented on your blog before (I don't remember anyway) but I've been reading it for probably about a year (I'm a little shy and get anxiety about even blog comments lol). I too have pretty horrible anxiety with a dash of occasional depression (it used to be constant but it's lifted in the past year) and I hate to say it but I understand how it feels to feel like no one understands -for a solid two months I convinced myself I probably had schizophrenia due to some of my habits but I've talk to my therapist and I've finally understood that it was just my social anxiety (and all my other anxieties, I'm always incredibly nervous) kind of compounded with stress that made me paranoid (I'm not sure I'm making you want to talk to me lol)
    But moral of the story I guess is you don't know me but I'm here for you :) I've found since "coming out" with my depression and anxiety a lot of people around me understand a lot more than I ever imagined (me and my best friend of 10 years were BOTH hiding our anxiety and depression from each other).
    Well I'll quit rambling, I just wanted you to know you're not alone, and I won't judge you. Best of luck *hugs* -Ashley

  3. Jay, I'll send you a direct message on Twitter. Hang in there.


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