Monday, February 3, 2014

Seahawks Won and Seattle went Crazy

If you don't care about football, you should probably either skip this post or just watch the video.

As you probably know by now, the Seattle Seahawks won their first Super Bowl on Sunday.  And I am a big Seahawks fan, so it kind of doesn't seem real yet.  It feels more like I dreamed it.  Especially since the Super Bowl victory was sooooo much easier than the NFC championship game.

And after the victory, Seattle went crazy.  And since I live pretty much on Greek Row, and am surrounded by frats and sororities, going crazy means the Greek system kids lit couches on fire in the street (as you can see in the above video that I filmed from my front porch).  They started four separate fires, with the cops and a fire truck showing up every time to put the fire out.  In this video it's the fourth fire and there are two couches and three mattresses ablaze.  Plus there were a bunch of cops in riot gear standing in the street right in front of my house, which was pretty cool, since they didn't have scary guns out, only nightsticks which they didn't use.  I'm really surprised none of the frat kids got arrested, actually.  They were actually smart enough not to mess with the cops.

These cops and about 8 others meant serious business.  They just stood around looking menacing.

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