Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mini Room Tour

my hair bow collection, all from Splendid Bee on Etsy; I highly recommend them

part of my hat collection, necklace displays, a gingerbread scented candle, and a deer I painted blue

the part of my art wall that's all art I did, except for the portrait of me

my fairly new shelves, home to jewelry making stuff, books, and my carnivorous plants

shelf close-up

It recently occurred to me that you guys have never seen my room, so here are some snippets.  Not pictured: my two desks, freezer, mini fridge, plastic bins, and closet complete with closet monster.


  1. Your room is so cute!! I love your bookcase and wall of art!! I've always wanted a bookcase, but my room is too small!

  2. I want that Star Wars bow so badly! I also love the blue deer. ^_^ What kind of carnivorous plants do you have? Jen and I grown some in the past, however sadly they kind of withered away. :/

  3. Here's a listing for the bow: And I have a Venus Flytrap and a Cape Sundew. I'm hoping that they're hibernating for the winter like they're supposed to, but I think they might actually be dead :(


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