Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blog and Shop of the Month

This month's blog of the month is Decoy Betty.  I "met" Deidre a couple of days ago on Twitter after I figured out what was wrong with my stomach (which I'll tell you tomorrow).  She's super nice and I checked out her blog and I loved it.  Deidre is from America but lives in Australia.  She cooks lots of yummy food and her blog is adorable.  I love the orange and polka dots (orange is my favorite color!) and the font on her header.  She writes about a little bit of everything the same way I do, which I wish is something that more people would do.  People seem to think that if they have defined themselves as a fashion blogger or a beauty blogger, they can only talk about those things, but it's not true!  It's your blog and you can talk about anything your pretty heart desires!  Anytanget, you should definitely go check out Decoy Betty because she's super duper cool and also very nice.

The shop of the month is Whispering Sweetly.  Shane is a blogger who also makes really pretty jewelry.  The jewelry is partially bohemian and partially classic and all very lovely.  Here are four of the pieces for sale in her Etsy shop right now.

Pretty right?  And very colorful too.  So if you want, you should check out the shop and maybe share it or buy something, or just check out Shane's blog or say hi on Twitter, which she actually just got last month, or go look at her pins on Pinterest.


  1. Aw thank you! That's so sweet! I'm so glad that you figured out what is wrong with your tummy. It took me a long long long time too!

  2. Awh thank you so much darling! This just made my day :)

    xo Shane


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