Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What I'm Loving: Weaving

Everywhere I look lately there are amazing weavings.  I've found some really cool ones on Etsy and it made me want to try weaving.  Thanks to The Weaving Loom I could learn everything I needed to know to get started.  (The Weaving Loom is a really helpful resource for weavers of all skill levels, not just beginners.)  I'll share my first ever weaving at the end of this post but first let's look at some of my beautiful inspirations.  Click the big pictures to go to the listing.  I'll list shop links under the grid photos at the end.
This one is gorgeous and I love the unique style of embroidering on top of the weaving.
I love the eclectic bohemian style of this one.
I super love the look of driftwood at the top but this one also has driftwood woven into it, which I love!
I love love love the antler at the top of the upper right weave.

I'm also loving the idea of weaving in feathers.
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And here is my first weaving, not the colors I would have chosen but they came with my loom and then I bought the off-white.


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