Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Etsy Love: MayhemHere

I was fortunate enough to see one of my favorite artists, Mallory Milke, at the University District Street Fair in May.  Not only is her art amazing (and super affordable) but I loved her booth.  Here are the pictures I took of it.

My favorite part was the sticker machine.  I bought two random stickers, and I would have bought so many more if I had more money!  It's probably good that I was broke, haha.
Mallory Milke Art is on Etsy at MayhemHere.  She also sells at some local stores in Seattle, including Monster Art and Clothing, where I bought the peacock zentangle print.  She paints mostly zentangle animals and Day of the Dead.  She sells prints, stickers, notebooks, bags, and more!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blue Galaxy Wallpaper

the original wallpaper:

my downloadable version:

It occurs to me that ages ago I promised I would make downloadable galaxy wallpapers.  Here is one finally.  If you have any color combo requests for future ones, let me know in the comments.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Love with Food Gluten Free Box Review #1

I have been comparison shopping for gluten-free subscription boxes for awhile now.  I just happened upon the Love with Food Gluten-Free Box when I saw an ad for it on Facebook.  It looked like a good value and a lot of food, including snacks, which was important to me.  They also donate a meal to a food bank with every box sold.  I really appreciate that since I grew up poor and most of our food came from my mom's garden or the food bank.

I got my first box last month and the theme was Fiesta Fiesta.  It contained so much food, all from brands I had never heard of.  The food is all natural and healthy.  I loved most of it enough that I would definitely seek out the brands in stores (or just buy more for a discounted price from the Love with Food website).  Let's see what I got!

Here's the whole haul, aside from the product booklet and coupons.

I am bad at selfies but this popsicle was soooooo good.

tamale pie with sour cream and sliced avocado
My favorites were the tamale pie, the Smooze frozen treat, and the Beanfield's chips.  The tamale pie was easy to make and Jordan and I both loved it so much that we polished off the whole pan between the two of us in one night.  The Smooze frozen treat was like a grown-up version of those popsicles we would sometimes get with school lunches as a child.  It was guava coconut flavored and so refreshing and tasty.  I want a whole pack!  I also want an entire case of Beanfield's chips.  The pico de gallo flavor was so good and went perfectly with the bean flavor of the chips.  I gobbled them up way too fast and wished I had more!

My least favorites were the honey and the sweet salt.  The honey would have probably been better if I had used it in something instead of eating it straight up.  It was good enough but I wouldn't buy it.  I'm pretty sure I just haven't used the sweet salt on the right thing yet, maybe porkchops or chicken?  It's spicy, sweet, and salty.

Overall I was over the moon about my first Love with Food box.  My second one just shipped and I can hardly wait for it to arrive!

You can try the Love with Food Gluten-Free Box for $5.99 (50% off) or the glutenous Tasting Box for $12.49 (40% off).

This post contains affiliate links but I am truly 100% in love with the Love with Food box and want you to try it too!