Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Etsy Love: MayhemHere

I was fortunate enough to see one of my favorite artists, Mallory Milke, at the University District Street Fair in May.  Not only is her art amazing (and super affordable) but I loved her booth.  Here are the pictures I took of it.

My favorite part was the sticker machine.  I bought two random stickers, and I would have bought so many more if I had more money!  It's probably good that I was broke, haha.
Mallory Milke Art is on Etsy at MayhemHere.  She also sells at some local stores in Seattle, including Monster Art and Clothing, where I bought the peacock zentangle print.  She paints mostly zentangle animals and Day of the Dead.  She sells prints, stickers, notebooks, bags, and more!

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