Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Burke Museum of Natural History

A couple of months ago my friend invited me to go to the Burke Museum of Natural History with her.  It's free on the first Thursday of each month and neither of us had ever gone so I said that of course I would.  Plus it's about two blocks from my house so I had to go at some point.

And it was amazing.  We were probably there for two hours looking at everything.  The upstairs is natural history and the downstairs is world history and Pacific Northwest history.  Of course I liked the upstairs best, because of crystals, skulls, and dinosaurs.  No contest.  I took about a bajillion pictures and here are my favorites.

This is apparently how my face looks when I'm just surrounded by amazing stuff.

Have you guys ever stood under a woolly mammoth?!  I never realized how huge they were before!  It's mind-boggling.
If you guys have a natural history museum near you, you should absolutely visit!  Really any museum is fascinating and amazing to me, but natural history museums have my heart.

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