Saturday, May 9, 2015

Dream Art: Crystals at the Lake

I had a dream recently that I went to a lake near my hometown and discovered all of these amazing crystal formations growing along the edge of it against some sort of concrete wall.  I was in this tiny raft, so small I could barely fit in it while kneeling, and going along the edge of the wall picking up jars full of the crystals to use in my jewelry.  There was this huge piece of titanium quartz that I thought would be an amazing photo prop.  And then as I went back the raft started sinking and I barely made it to shore before it sank.  Then I woke up and I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t just find this amazing supply of free crystals, but the dream was so nice that I tried to capture the feel of it with Photoshop.

I'm pretty sure I had this dream as a result of browsing Etsy for supplies and then Pinterest for jewelry ideas for about two hours right before going to bed.  I usually have really bizarre dreams or bad dreams so I could definitely use a nice pretty dream like this every once in a while.  And once I was fully awake I found it kind of great that this is like Camp Crystal Lake but in a literal sense and without any murdering.

I've always been able to remember the majority of my dreams really vividly.  Lately this has reached a whole new level where I'll be dreaming and then remember something that had "happened" related to what was happening in the dream at that point.  And then when I wake up the things I remember are always things that happened in previous dreams and my brain is trying to connect them somehow.

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