Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Announcement Time

Hi guys, I just want to let you know that there will be no Blog or Shop of the Month this month.  I am completely worn out from being the only employee at work.  I am still working 4 hours a day but we are still trying to accomplish the same amount of work each day with just two people (the boss and myself) as we did with four people.  So after work I am trying to force myself to do housework and then have fun.  Part of this forced fun is that I have discovered a comic book shop within walking distance of my house and I bought some comics there, and now i am learning to play Magic the Gathering for fun.  Another part of me being worn out is that it is my instinct to withdraw from all unnecessary human contact and just hole up in my room when I'm not at work.  So the comic shop is good for me to get comfortable human interaction with fellow cool geeky people.  I'll write about the comic shop at some point.  The people there, especially the owner, are an incredibly kind and welcoming community and I am grateful to have found them.  Plus forced human interaction has kept me from slipping back into depression.

Another thing that is going on in my life is that I miss my family like crazy.  I haven't seen my parents since February and I was sick then so I don't remember much of my visit.  And I haven't seen my brother who is stationed in Japan for over a year now, which I hate because he's like my best friend and I really want to be able to hang out with him again.  Full disclosure: I laid down in my closet (which serves as my bedroom since it's a big walk-in closet, so basically I just laid down on my bed) and bawled my eyes out for at least a half hour because I'm so frustrated that I can't visit my family.  I can't even take a single day off of work to ride the train down and visit my parents because I'm the only employee at my work.  And I can't go on weekends, because I mostly sleep on weekends to recover from the previous week of work and prepare for the next one.  Also my paycheck is late this week, which isn't a huge problem, since I don't actually need it until the end of the month so I can pay my rent, but it's still suck-ish, because I have been working my butt off.


  1. :( I'm so sorry you're going through a rough time, sweetie. Missing family is the absolute worst. You take the time you need to for you; we'll still be here when you have time. <3 I'm sending you a big internet hug.

  2. Thanks. Internet hugs are pretty good.

  3. It sucks that you're going through such a tough time. Thank god for that comic book shop! Losing yourself in a good comic makes everything better. For a brief period, at least. Chin up! Things will get better.


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